Finding Our Place In God’s Story

We believe that the Bible is one story from beginning to end. God’s story, the True Story of the whole world.

Humans find their true significance when they come to know that the world is not about them but and yet each individual’s story still matters. We find our true selves when we discover how our stories intersect with the True Story of the world.

The story chronicled in the Bible may best be understood by seeing it as a six-act play.





Our story opens with the already-existing, good, right and perfect God creating everything and everyone. And it was very good. God placed people at the center of His creation to show the world Who He is and what He’s like, cultivating order and culture. But God posed one fundamental question (in the form of two trees) to Adam and Eve: Do you trust Me?



Adam and Eve chose not to trust God, instead believing the lies of the Serpent. As the first people, the representatives of everyone else to follow, Adam and Eve cast themselves, everyone and all of creation into slavery to sin and disorder. Disorder, death and decay would now infect everything and everyone, leaving us to know all too well, things are no longer as they were meant to be.


promisePromise (Israel)

Being Good, Right and Perfect, God would not leave His people or creation in despair. He called a family to once again be His servants, showing the world who He is and what He’s like. As this family became a great nation, God not only physically rescued His people but began to show them that in some way, a substitute could pay the true penalty of not trusting God. Despite God’s faithfulness, His people continued to struggle to trust Him, calling out to Him when in trouble and turning from Him when things seemed to smooth out. The people were left wondering and waiting how God would one day fully and finally make all things right.’



Jesus is God come to set things to rights. He came to rescue His people and once again show the world who God is and what He is like. Jesus is the proof that God is trustworthy. Jesus paid the penalty of mistrusting God (sin = death) for God’s people and broke sin’s power over His people by rising from the dead, freeing us to once again trust God as we were created to do. The beginning of God restoring all things had finally dawned.


promisePromise (the Church)

Just as Israel had the role of being God’s family ambassadors to the world, the Church is now tasked with showing everyone how God is good, right and perfect. God blesses His people to be a blessing and the Church is now the conduit for God’s blessing to reach the ends of the earth as we declare the good news of Jesus and demonstrate His sacrificial love to all we meet.



But the story has not yet concluded and though the process of setting things right has begun in Jesus, it has yet to be completed. We await Jesus’ return to complete what He started and bring about the true and final healing of everyone and everyone.