Who We Are

We are a family of missionary servants

living for the glory of God and the good of others.


Because we find our true significance as we find our place in God’s Story, the True Story of the world, our stories matter. We do this by striving to live in the intersection of gospel, community and mission. It is in this “sweet spot” where we strive to live out three key pieces of our new God-given identity.


Because of God’s grace and love in adopting us as the Perfect Father, we live as family. We are about more than non-personal meetings and we strive to bear one’s another’s burdens and share life’s ups and downs (Galatians 6:1-2). 

Servant(s) Missionaries

God’s love is made tangible as the family of God’s people lives on mission to share God’s reconciliation and hope in Jesus by serving one another and others. Humility and service are at the heart of God’s mission for His people. We seek to actively engage and bless our communities because we have been blessed by God. We arrange our lives so that others may hear and experience the good news of Jesus.

Living This Out

Much of the Christian life is spent in practically (in practice) becoming who we already are positionally before God.Though we value Sunday gatherings together, the primary focus of our ministry is through our small groups, known as Gospel Communities on Mission in which we strive to live in that intersection where gospel, community and mission come together. These GCM’s are the primary context in which we live out our identities of family, servants and missionaries.